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You know it’s time to level up your website. Of course it is. Your customers are online and your website should look the part.

But you’ve done your research. Traditional agencies aren’t set up to move quickly or keep your costs in check. They need a full team of specialists to get your site designed and live, and it can cost more than $10,000 and take months to get it done. For some websites, this may be what’s required. But for most businesses, getting your site live quickly and within budget is most important.

We believe there should be a better way.

The Great Website Co. was created to reimagine the traditional, broken agency model. We eliminated the crazy upfront cost. We built a proprietary framework to shorten the process to just seven days. And we packaged everything into a simple, predictable monthly service fee.

A new website in 7 days, no shocking bills, an ongoing partner to help with updates, all for $199/month? Maybe we’re crazy. But our customers think it’s great.

It`s not just a clever name.

We eliminated the big price tag.

Traditional agencies are built differently than we are. They have a team of specialists that must work together to get your site built and online, which means billing lots of hours. Some may charge up to $10,000 just to build your site! Ouch! As fellow business-builders, we’d rather you spend that money building your business. That’s why we killed the “upfront cost”. You’ll only pay once you’ve signed off on your website design. And we’ll never bill you hourly for future updates.

The Great Website Co lets you keep your money focused on: finding your next customer, buying more product, or paying your employees. Being online is mission critical - you shouldn’t have to choose between a great website and making payroll.

We shortened the process to seven days.

How is that even possible? We sometimes ask ourselves that, too.

We’ve built our own website framework that makes building beautiful, mobile optimized, and highly functional websites a breeze. You could call the framework our differentiator, our X-factor, our secret sauce, our… we ran out of analogies. The point is, it’s what makes all of this possible and we’re really proud of it. So yes, we can have a real, working website online in 7 days. And we can show you how it will look in just 2 days. If you don’t believe us, we’d love to show you.

We included everything in one monthly fee.

If you've managed a live website, you know that making updates can be overwhelming at best, and terrifying at worst. But calling up your agency to do the work takes time, and you can be billed a lot for even the simplest updates.

You shouldn’t have to settle for stale content, or be scared every time you try to make a website change. Send us a quick message and we will make any website changes for you, all included as part of your monthly service. Things like updating photos, adding a new page, modifying your business hours, are now on our shoulders, for no additional charge.

For $199/mo, Great Website Co. handles unlimited content updates, design changes, website hosting and security, nightly backups, and same-day response time. Pretty great, yea?

Great customers.

We’ll admit it. We like talking about ourselves. But we know that sarcastic copy doesn’t always sell new websites. Sometimes you want to hear from real customers…

“Working with The Great Website Co. has been so easy. I now have a unique and functional website that makes me stand out in a crowded market.

I couldn't be happier!

Mike Beacom

Real Estate Agent, Deeb Realty

"The Great Website team was great to work with! They got to work immediately after our first meeting and I couldn't be happier with my website. Since launch, their service and support has made it easy for me to focus on my business and get help with my website when I need it."

Derick Lewin

Realtor, PJ Morgan

Get your website started today!

See your new website before you pay! Try it.

Don’t pay $10,000 for a website.

It’s pretty simple, really. We’ve built proprietary solutions that will help your business grow and operate online. For you, that means we can speed up development time, and lower your costs when compared to a traditional creative agency. From first contact with us, you can be online, or have your website rebuilt, in 7 days.

Only a 7 day process
  • Website design mockup
  • Website development
  • Unlimited design updates
  • Unlimited design updates
  • Nightly site backups
  • Website hosting
  • Monthly security maintenance
  • 24x7 Support

$2,500 and $199/mo


3-to-6 month process
  • Website design mockup
  • Website development
  • Design update
  • Content update
  • Nightly site backups
  • Website hosting
  • Monthly security maintenance
  • 24x7 Support

$25,000 and $370/mo


This estimate assumes two hours per month of billable hours. Most agencies charge at least $100/hr, many charge much more than that.

img img

Our img img img seven day process

Start to finish, we work a little differently than most agencies. From the way we build our custom sites, to gathering your website content super smoothly, we can keep the project on track. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to make the site building process seem a little too easy. Here’s how we do it.

Day 1

We’ve mastered the art of an efficient meeting. We’ll meet to gather details for your site, content, and learn about what your goals are. We’ll show you customizable solutions to help you achieve them with your site.

We’ll work with you on gathering or creating content, finding photos, and mapping out the pages you’re imagining. We’re in this together.

Days 2-4

Within days, we’ll have your site mocked up for you to review. We use tools that make it easy for you to provide feedback for any changes that need to be made. If you like what we’ve built - it’s go time!

Days 4-6

Once your site's design is approved, we get to work bringing it to life. We'll use our hand-coded framework that is designed to make your site super fast!

On top of speed, you'll be discoverable on Google and have your very own custom domain.

Day 7

We’ll support you through the technical details of taking your site live and showing it to the world. Once you’re up and running online, we pivot into service mode. We’ll keep your site online, updated, and secure from hackers.

The best part of working with us? Unlimited content updates. Send any site updates you want to see, and we'll have the live in 24 hours. No joke.

Start today.
In 7 days, we’ll launch your website.

In seven days, you’ll have a new website. We’re not kidding. If you’re ready to give it a try, fill out the form below. We’ll get in touch.

Frequently asked questions.

  • How do you design and launch sites within 7 days?

    We know this is a pretty wild concept, but our secret sauce lies within the skills of our Great team. One part web designer + one part operations wizard gets you a faster, smoother build and launch process than most agencies (or content management systems) you’ll come across.

    We’ve created our own website framework that allows us to build a new site quickly that will achieve your goals. It’s much faster than starting from zero.

    We’ve also become great at gathering content and copy for your site (sometimes that’s the hardest part!). Combining a quicker site build with seamless content creation (gathering the words, photos, and site details) means you’re online faster!

  • What do you mean by ‘unlimited updates’? 🤯

    These days, it’s crucial for your business to have a legitimate site on the web, but it’s only legitimate if it’s updated regularly! If you’re not comfortable making updates on your own, your site (and your google search results) will suffer. But if you use an agency to help, they’ll charge you for even the smallest updates and might take a few days. We know this is a major pain point for businesses, so we threw the traditional cost model out the window. The Great Website co. promises unlimited changes to your site, live in 24 hours, and we won’t charge you to do them.

    Tl;dr: All site updates are included in your monthly services, you will NOT be charged for additional change requests. :mind-blown:

  • Can I see my site before I buy?

    Absolutely! We know that seeing is believing and we want you to see our framework in action. Once you’ve shared your site goals and details with us, we’ll create a mockup of your site that we’ll go through together. As soon as you approve the design, you’ll pay and we’ll get to work!

  • Do you work with agencies?

    Yes! We love our agency friends. We just understand that not all websites and clients make sense for all agencies. If you run an agency and are interested in partnering (and earning money!) by referring clients that aren't a good fit, please get in touch! You can learn about our Agency Partners Program here.

Ready to give us a try?

See your new website before you pay! Try it.

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